Batch reactors (Over 50 glass, glasslined and stainless steel, 50 to 10,000 liters)

  Special reactors (Chlorinators, hydrogenators and sulfonators, high pressure and low temperature reactors)

  Centrifuges (Stainless and epoxy lined)

  Nutsches (Stainless and epoxy lined)

  Multi-function Nutsche filter dryer (complete filtering, cleaning and drying processes in one containment vessel)

  Autofilter dryers (Stainless)

  Spray dryer (Stainless)

  Jet mill

  Pressure filters (Stainless)

  Process vacuum stills (multiple receivers)

  Batch vacuum stills (glass and stainless)

  Distillation columns

  Solvent recovery

  Bulk storage

  Clarification filter

Analytical Instruments






  HPLC (HP1200 and 1100)

  LC-MS (Shimadzu 2010A)

  Prep.HPLC (Waters Prep2000)