ChemPacific is a 100% American-owned specialty chemical company with a subsidiary in Zhejiang, China. With Labs, Plants, and Personnel distributed between the US and China. ChemPacific is uniquely positioned to satisfy our customer’s needs. Our knowledge of the complex Chinese marketplace and a focus on small molecule, organic chemistry, and scale-up technology makes ChemPacific an extremely valuable sourcing partner. Founded in 1995, ChemPacific develops unique, high-performance chemicals for major industry leaders, enabling breakthroughs in Pharmaceuticals, Biotech, Specialty Polymers, Agrochemicals and Specialty Chemicals. Our team is successful when high-purity, high-value chemicals are critical. We provide a single, US-based point of contact to guide your product from the development and optimization stages to full-scale commercialization. This can be achieved in a timely manner and at a competitive price, using a “no surprises” communications philosophy that prioritizes client satisfaction. Safety and Hygiene are a priority. ChemPacific is entirely environmentally and IP aware, with protocols and facilities in compliance with current and anticipated US and Chinese regulations. ChemPacific’s Business Model provides the opportunity to interface at any point during our customer’s product life cycle from Discovery through Launch.

Business Model